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Roof Washing

Many of our satisfied customers recommend our roof cleaning services to their friends. The reason? Having a clean roof save them money lowering the energy it takes to cool down the house! Did you know that not only does a treated roof look incredibly newer, it can reduce maintenance and extend the life of your roof, saving thousands in costly repairs and replacement? It's true! Don't just take our word for it - read some of our customer testimonials!

Texas Roofing Contractors know what those black stains and discoloration in your roof are, and so do we!

Is an algae called "Gloeocapsa Magma" which is a bacteria known as "Cyanobacteria" which photolyze water generating oxygen gas that's why is called an algae. When this green algae reproduce and grow develop their dark and hard UV-protective coating creating unattractive black stains, streaks on our roofs

This bacteria loves our weather and also loves the limestone and other alkaline fillers now found on asphalt and fiber glass and cement tiles, it fly from roof to roof on a windy day or by birds and usually start to show up more in the north side and then spread to to the whole roof and our neighbor's roof

These stains are not only ugly but also while getting your roof black is attracting more heat to your roof and by eating the limestone and other fillers in your roof your roof is loosing the granules who reflect the heat, all this increase not only the temperature in your home but your cooling cost and considerably shorten years of the life of your roof.

We didn't have such a problem 30 years ago but while more alkaline fillers are found in newer roofs you must have your roof clean every 3 years.

The reasons shingles roofs in texas last half the time compeered to roofs in Florida is because roof cleaning in Florida is been around for nearly 30 yearsAre you in search for a reliable roof cleaning or roof treatment business in Houston TX, Sugar Land, Katy, Missouri City, Richmond TX or Corpus Christi, Texas? Whether you are looking for residential or commercial, high-rise roof cleaning service in TX, we can guarantee you quality workmanship, prompt and courteous services at reasonable prices. Our endless years of experience in roof cleaning cannot be matched by any other company on the market!

Retaining your investment on your property always starts with proper cleaning and maintenance of your roof. By staying on top of cleaning your roof, you are greatly minimizing the risk of damage to your property and this in turn will allow your home to retain and even increase in value since the roof will need to be maintained less frequently.

Our Roof Cleaning Services
As time goes by, that beautiful roof that protects the foundation of your home or office starts to begin the aging process. You will notice dark stains and even streaks slowly starting to appear. Now there is no need for immediate alarm, as this does not mean your roof is wearing out. These stains are actually caused by a type of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma.

The good news is, our low-pressure roof treatment easily removes those dark stains and streaks from the algae, while also eliminating the mildew and mold from the entire surface. Best part is, you can call us today for a free estimate to best determine how we can safely clean your roof!

Just so you know, our professional team is extremely careful and conscientious during any roof cleaning job, so if anything unexpected were to occur inside or outside your property, our $2 million of coverage in commercial liability from Hallmark Specialty Insurance Company will protect your most valuable property.

Is your roof built entirely with shingles?
Our team specializes in roof cleaning shingles with a minimally evasive solution that applies minimal amounts of pressure to remove the algae and built up dirt, while causing no damage to the shingles themselves. This also protects the overall foundation of your home from damage as well, since we do not use any high-pressure cleaners like the rest of the competition out there.

What exactly causes the growth of Algae/ Gloecapsa Magma?
Although there are definitely numerous reasons why this growth occurs on your roof, the primary reasons are:

- Debris: The air causes soil from the ground, tree branches, as well as other items to get stuck into little openings of your roof. This debris will cause a lot of moisture retention and that is perfect living conditions for Algae to grow.

- Shade: Location is everything when it comes to your roof. The level of sunlight that your roof receives, determines the growth of the Algae. If there is a heavy amount of shade from trees, then the moisture will last even longer, which means you will require more frequent roof cleaning treatments.

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