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House Washing

Blue Bay Window Washing can help look all parts of your home's exterior look clean and new again! We offer years of experience in the following fields. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

House Washing

When your house is covered with  grime, dirt and other unwanted substances as mold and mildew, it is time to take action by pressure wash the exterior. House washing is necessary if you want to maintain your home sharp, looking great and especially if you want to keep or even increase the value of your property. It is a known fact that mantaining the outside of your house clean will provided or at least get the full life out of the exterior paint used to cover the walls like vinyl siding and especially wood.

Concrete and Paver Stone Pressure Washing ServicesConcrete & Paver Cleaning and Pressure Washing

The cement around your home is often one of the first things to get dirty, and can really show your home's age! Concrete gets dirty very easily, and cleaning it by hand can seem like an insurmountable task! Even with home-grade pressure washing equipment, it might not get all the way clean. Our high-powered equipment can clean the cement and concrete around effectively. Don't waste time renting or buying expensive equipment that won't do the job right!

Concrete and Paver Stone Pressure Washing ServicesBrick Wall Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Much like cleaning concrete, a stained brick wall can be nearly impossible to return to its original condition through hand-washing. Our high-powered pressure washers and knowledgeable staff know the best ways to get your brick and stone walls looking like new again! Don't let algae, mold growth, mildew and other contaminants get out of hand - take control of your property and get it looking like new again!

Vinyl Siding Pressure Cleaning, Wood Siding Professional Cleaning ServicesVinyl/Wood Siding Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Keeping the sides of your house clean is about more than aesthetics - perpetual dirt, grime and mildew can actually weaken your home, leading to costly repairs later on, or even open the door to insect or vermin infestations! A sparkling-clean exterior is sure to raise your property value, and our pressure washing services are the best way to prepare to paint or stain your wood siding.

Vinyl and wood siding is also one of the hardest materials to clean effectively by hand - there are so many little surfaces to clean that it can be hard to reach them all by hand, and without years of experience with pressure washing equipment, it's easy to punch a hole right through the side of your wall! Our experienced cleaning staff knows how to clean your wall thoroughly, without damage. We're also fully insured, so any possible damage is covered!

Concrete and Paver Stone Pressure Washing ServicesRoof Low Pressure Cleaning

A clean roof is a healthy roof! Is your roof turning black over time? It may be a mold infestation that is feeding off the materials in your shingles! Not only does black roof mold weaken your roofing, it can absorb heat, preventing your roof from doing its job of reflecting the sun's heat away from your house. Our special cleaning techniques and chemicals can return your roof to a like-new condition, without damage. We often hear from our customers that they damaged their roofing by attempting to power wash it themselves - often leading to ripped-off or broken shingles; sometimes they even blast the grit right off the tiles, leaving an ugly bald spot! Our experienced roof pressure washing professionals know how to clean your roof tiling thoroughly, without damage. We are fully insured, and our professional, courteous staff will be there when we say we will - Guaranteed! Contact us today for a FREE quote!

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Please browse our site to learn more about how Blue Bay Window Cleaning can help you achieve your goals in a cost-effective manner. We love to hear from our clients! If you want to learn more about pressure washing, window cleaning, or just want to send us a comment or suggestion, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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High-rise Window Cleaning

Highrise Window Washing

High-rise Window Cleaning

Washing windows of buildings higher than two stories requires special training and equipment.

House Window Cleaning

House Window Cleaning

House Window Cleaning

Keep clear views by letting us wash the windows of your home, inside and out.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing

Utilize our professional house washing services to keep the exterior of your home clean.

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