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"I would Highly recommend Blue Bay Window Cleaning Anytime you need your windows cleaned. They are always on time and work extremely hard. NO STREAKS! Thanks."

Ron Maples.

"With Blue Bay window Cleaning we had experience a excellent service, prompt service, reliable and trustworthy."

Paulette M.

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Building Washing

Exterior Building Cleaning and Soft Washing.

Have you been noticing the exterior of your building starting to build up an excess of dirt or a growth of algae? Are you worried about the long-term impression your dirty exterior is giving those around you? Well there is no need to worry any longer because Blue Bay Window Cleaning is here to help with our building washing services!

We realize that a building can be made of all types of surfaces like vinyl siding, or even stucco. The problem about these surfaces is that they cannot be easily cleaned without the use of high-pressure washing equipment. That is why our team uses a special set of home-grade pressure equipment that we have perfected over our many years of operation.

Types Of Building Surfaces We Can Service:
Below is a list of the various types of surfaces that our team can clean for you

- All major vertical surfaces
- Concrete
- Aluminum cladding
- Stucco
- Vinyl siding
- Windows

Types Of Buildings We Can Service:
Below is a list of the various building types that our team can clean for you

- Condos, Townhouses, Single Family Residential Homes
- Multi Unit Condos
- Rental Apartment Buildings
- Businesses or Multi-Unit Buildings
- Government or Municipal High Rise Buildings

Our Exterior Building Washing Team Can Remove:
Below is a list of various objects / stains that our team can remove for you

- Chewing Gum Removal :: caused by public population
- Dirt & Dust :: built up over many years from natural causes
- Discoloration :: stained from the sun, as well as rain wet spots
- Mold & Mildew :: moisture buildup from various sources
- Graffiti - remove unwanted spray paint graphics

Each member our team is fully trained. Our number one most important process is that safety is paramount! Our team is only allowed to work on a job for which they are fully trained and qualified to do.

Our Easy 4 Step Building Washing Process:
The day has come for our team to wash your building. So what exactly will we be doing?

1) Once we arrive, your entire building is inspected to determine areas that may not be resistant to water, ensure all open windows are closed, and remove any loose debris that may cause damage or harm

2) Unload our equipment for soft washing and install our tools to the nearest water source

3) Apply chemicals to surfaces to remove all unwanted stains

4) Rinse building with water and other surfaces where required

We have created this worry free process for you to have peace of mind! From homeowners to property managers, customers see the value that we offer with our reliable building washing services. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (281) 948-9959 and we will be more than happy to assist you with helpful answers, and even a free estimate!


High-rise Window Cleaning

Highrise Window Washing

High-rise Window Cleaning

Washing windows of buildings higher than two stories requires special training and equipment.

House Window Cleaning

House Window Cleaning

House Window Cleaning

Keep clear views by letting us wash the windows of your home, inside and out.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing

Utilize our professional house washing services to keep the exterior of your home clean.

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The Blue Bay Guarantee

We will go to great lengths to ensure that you are satisfied and thrilled with our services. Just take a look at our Window Cleaning guarantee.

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We are dependable and prompt.

No matter what size your job is, we will arrive when we say we will, and do the job right. If something exceptional comes up, we will ALWAYS provide you with as much advance notice as humanly possible. In fact, we are so certain that you'll be pleased with our punctuality, that if we don't arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment, and we don't notify you of any delays in advance, we will automatically provide you with a 10% discount on your service!

We believe that we go the extra mile to make sure you're more than satisfied with our cleaning services and staff professionalism. If for any reason you are not totally thrilled with how bright and fresh your home feels after your windows, deck, or walls have been cleaned, or feel that you have been treated discourteously by our trained professionals. You just won't have to pay one cent!

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Because Your satisfaction is our number one priority and our clientele has come to expect nothing less from our qualified personnel.

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